Monday, June 21, 2010

I Enjoyed Job Hunting in the Good Old Days....

Job hunting - oh yes, so many of us are in the middle of trying to find jobs, scurrying around like ants vying for the same tiny crumb. Nowadays the internet makes it easy to push a few buttons and send our resume to prospective employers, even dozens at a time.

Now, while I think the internet is useful and even amazing for that sort of thing, there's nothing like a face-to-face interview with an office manager to let them know what you're really like and who you really are. My resume says nothing about the fact that I actually received intensive training to become a restaurant owner and manager. Where the heck do I put that? It has nothing really to do with the type of job I'm seeking anyway. It also doesn't give them an explanation as to why I've been out of the work force for a few years, and out of my intended field for ten. Not to mention the fact that my resume doesn't assure these people that YES I am perfectly capable of jumping right back into the field with one hand tied behind my back and will be able to kick ass and take names.

Even fast food restaurants and grocery stores have "clearing houses" for applications. I remember long ago being a teenager applying for jobs years ago and pestering managers until I found somebody that would hire me. Today? My son has to fill out an online application and wait for a phone call. I still push him to go talk to people; at least he's getting his name and face out there and visible this way.

Me? I'm doing the same thing. Even going into an office and meeting with the supervisor and handing him or her a resume is usually met with "Oh, you'll have to fax or email this to our headquarters in Zimbabwe." Okay nobody really has headquarters in Zimbabwe, but it's usually somewhere in a giant office building in a location far away from me. So, into a giant pool goes my resume and application, along with hundreds of others. Gone are the days of walking into an office and introducing oneself and shaking hands with a manager or supervisor and landing an interview. I sure do miss that.

Oh yeah. ART

I'm working on some more paintings, which will hopefully be listed in my Etsy soon.

Music recommendation of the day:

Olafur Arnald's 3055

Have a great Monday afternoon everybody!

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