Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brilliant, Beautiful Bubbles!

About a week ago I was browsing some of the amazing art on Etsy when I came across some wonderful prints by Gaudygirlarts. These prints are colorful, mesmerizing, and refreshingly unique. What is so special about them? Why, they're close up photos of soap bubbles!

After staring in fascination at her prints for a while, I decided I should find out a little more about Gaudygirl and her art. So I asked her a few questions and here is what she had to say:

*Just where can one find gaudygirl? Does she live in a bottle of Mr. Bubble? O:

Although I would love to live in a big bubble....I actually live in the oldest city in Iowa, Dubuque. It is located right along the Mississippi River. Very beautiful place!

*What are some of the inspirations and motivations for your art?

Colors and textures are probably the biggest thing that motivates me. I have always been attracted to anything big, bright and shiny. My mom still calls me her little magpie.....among other loudest kid in the neighborhood (FLASHBACK: jennn-a-feeer, you are the only kid I can hear do you have to be SO loud)......but now I'm off topic! kee hee hee

* What type of camera do you use for your photos?

The bubbles currently listed in my shop are taken with a medium format film camera- the Hassleblad. But I recently bought a new digital camera the Nikon D5000. I'm loving it! I will be shooting more bubbles soon, but with the weather in Iowa being so nice...I find myself wondering around town taking in all the sights.

* How many times have you been about to shoot a photo when *pop!* no more bubble?

I find that when I'm photographing the bubbles it is so easy to get lost in the colors...almost like another world when you watch them move and swirl. It is art in motion. I have had them pop numerous times on me....kinda messy on the camera lens but totally worth it.

To get the various patterns and I slightly blow on the them to move the soap and oil around....when you blow on them too much they get all "bubbly" almost like you would envision the fizz on the top of pop. In my store "Radiance" is an example of this.
Then to get the different the super vibrant ones compared to the black and white bubbles with just a few hues of color (like "Fluid Thought")

that is controlled by the ratio of soap vs. glycerin

Oh and I almost forgot to mention!
Right now these prints are buy two get one free! Head to the shop and pick a few out for yourself or a friend! :D

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