Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Building a House of Imagination...

... one dollar, and one drawing at a time.

The House of Imagination is a project based in Oregon whose goal is to create a retreat in which individuals can relax and create in a tranquil setting at no cost.

Services and facilities such as a music recording studio, art supplies, a spa, and video equipment will be offered.

You can help House of Imagination come to fruition by assisting with their Create for a Dollar project. A donation of just a dollar, in combination with dollars from hundreds - even thousands- of art lovers everywhere can make a difference.

You can also help House of Imagination out by donating artwork - any size, any medium. Proceeds from the sale would benefit the project.

Send donations or work of art to:

House of Imagination
Will Create 4 a $1 Project
P.O. Box 954
Jacksonville, OR 97530-9003

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