Thursday, August 5, 2010

Next Time I'll Buy a Can of Tennis Balls...

Tuesday I took Lana,

my aussie/border mix, to the grooming salon at Petco, and, when I went to pick her up I decided to do a bit of shopping for toys and treats. I stopped by the dog toy aisle and found what I thought would be really great toys for Lana. She has a thing for plushies, and these seemed to be perfect. I decided on a "bone" plushie for her, and some sortof... small animal thing for Jack, my crazy little chihuahua boy.

Lana took only ten minutes to rip a hole in the bone and discover the yummy stuffing inside. Poor Mr. Small Animal lives in the kitchen trash can now.

However... two tennis ball toys that were in a sale bin marked two for $5.00 look to be withstanding the gnawing drooling dog test just fine, thank you. :)

In other news - I sent the loan paperwork in for my medical transcription/billing online school stuff yesterday. I'm hoping everything goes through soon because I've already finished the introductory class. I took the final this afternoon - it was somewhat easy, so I'm hoping I aced the class. :) After the papers go through to the finance office my other classes should be "unlocked". I already have quite a few of my textbooks that I ordered on a week or so ago, so I'm ready!

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