Saturday, March 26, 2011

Industrial HipHop and Major Appliances....

... aww hellzyeah

I've got the batteries to the camera charging so I can take photos of some art, a Dalek mix playing and I'm thinking I might come up with another painting this weekend...

There's still a lot to do around here - like getting caught up on all that laundry I really had to put off without a dryer, grocery shopping, and a few other errands - but I'm sortof in the creating mood. I'll have to see about fitting it all in somehow :P


  1. OMG I have soooo much laundry to do because I've been putting it off for like 3 weeks - and not because I didn't have a dryer, but because I'm actually THAT lazy.

    Can't wait to see the painting you come up with! Please post pics when you're done :D