Thursday, March 15, 2012

The colors of inspiration

For Valentine's Day, I received from my absolutely wonderful "significant other" a bright, rainbow-colored knotted and woven bracelet. Since then, I have worn it just about every day (sometimes being in a rush and forgetting to put on my usual at least three bracelets before heading out the door), and have found myself studying the combinations of colors within the piece.
I have discovered that, even though I call it my "rainbow bracelet", the various color groupings are not of your typical ROYGBIV variety, but interesting variations of the same. I've found that the green-plus-yellow-plus-purple, or the pink-plus-orange-plus-green combinations, along with the others that catch my eye, to be great food for my imagination.
So, this begins a side-trip into the colorful corner of my mind, where I will begin creating art full of enough rainbows to feed all the unicorns in the universe.
Unicorns love sharpie markers.

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