Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Waxing" Creative... and a little welcome!

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And now if my cat will stay off of the keyboard long enough for me to create the rest of this post...

Last night I stepped outside, just to get a little fresh air, and stood out in the front yard looking toward my neighbor's house, up at the moon and stars. I'd say it was close to ten o'clock, and I hadn't yet wound down to head to bed yet.
It's always so relaxing to gaze up at the night sky, and often very inspiring.

I had a wonderful view of the silhouettes of several trees, which framed a few bright stars and a crescent moon. I decided that, although I wasn't going to get out the paints at the time, I was inspired enough to begin a sketch on a canvas - the beginning of my next painting. I hope to get started on it this week!

What has inspired you lately?

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  1. Love your blog, keep up the great work!! Thanks for the mention in your last post - much appreciated!!