Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting a little procreative...

A few days ago I downloaded a really neat app onto my iPad (okay besides the blogging app I'm using and still floundering at) - called "Procreate". I've explored and played with brushes and textures, and have even downloaded a few extra brush sets. So far I've really enjoyed using it, and have created some pretty cool art in the meantime...

This one was my first - I just felt like playing with colors in the background - I think that's either the "decimal" or "halftone" brush in the background (the dots)


Loved the brushes in the retro set - can you tell?



This one started with a photo of clouds taken in my backyard - see them in the background?


This is my latest - inspired by the fireworks displays on the Fourth. The fireworks themselves were made using a modified brush from the "luminance" brush set.


Soon I hope to have a few new additions to my "pretty little pixels"section!

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  1. What a cool app! I'm going to check it out for sure