Sunday, September 23, 2012

Digging in the dirt...

Yesterday I added a few new plants to my little veggie-herb garden! Up until now, my little patch of earth has been home to three bushy basil plants (which includes one lemon basil - so refreshing!), two spearmint plants, a lonely little fennel bulb (which I use for the feathery licorice-scented fronds), and the scrawny survivor out of two little rosemary bushes.

I added a pair of "red sails" lettuce plants, which I think are supposed to be a more heat-tolerant lettuce (great for my region), two spinach plants, some German thyme, and one acorn squash plant, which will take a lot of space eventually.



I don't know if you can see any of it in the photos, but each plant came in a biodegradable fiber pot that you just plant in the ground - right along with the plant! So much better than having all those little plastic pots hanging around!

And I'll soon have the added benefit of adding healthy home grown veggies to my cooking. I'll post updates as things progress!

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  1. Hey Jennifer, I love your vegetable and herb garden. So nice that they came in containers you could plant with the herbs. I have so many of these darned plastic pots when I plant annuals each year. I tried to recycle them and they were not taken by the truck because they had plant matter/dirt in them. Go figure.

    Enjoy your garden.