Friday, November 2, 2012

Gardening progress, and the accidental coriander surprise

You may recall my post about planting a few little things in my tiny herb and veggie garden

about a month ago. Well, since then I've had some success, which has even a few yummy salads, and some great burger and sandwich fixings!

The lettuce has gotten nice and full, and is still wonderful and mild. The spinach is struggling, but I've managed to harvest some nice leaves for salads.


Oh and nothing beats being able to cook with your very own home-grown herbs! I've got sprigs of thyme in a pot of stew simmering on the stove - mmmmm!


Another fun and cool thing about gardening is that some plants like to surprise you by spreading their seeds around, giving you new plants when you least expected them. I found a wonderfully fragrant little coriander plant this afternoon - what a treat!


Oh and the squash plant refuses to be outdone. If you look closely, there's a tiny squash forming ;)


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