Friday, May 23, 2014

I need weekend motivation- Stat!


A quick glance around my house will prove it... I need a swift kick in the ass to get started on about a jillion projects. I'd show you pictures but I'd need one of those graphic not for children warnings. Ha ha. Not really...or... Maybe...

A pile of brand new canvases, all blank and white and ready for paints and swirly colors and shapes like...trees and flowers and maybe even funny shaped house- dinosaurs is sitting on my kitchen counter, begging for me to open up the paints already.

This afternoon begins a long weekend which will include housecleaning and cookouts plus a little swimming in the pool and maybe some lounging around if I'm lucky. The cookouts I'm totally good with...swimming and lounging around..yep. Housecleaning? Ugh. Will shoving everything in that one closet that never gets opened count?

I figure a good dose of loud music and a list of things I better get done or else will have to be my motivation.

I figure promising myself painting time and a Netflix movie might work, too!

What's your motivator these days?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend (minus cleaning)! Hope you have fun and have time for some painting too. No big plans here, the weather is calling for rain so we are just going to wing it :)

    1. The rain waited until Monday so we were able to have a great cookout on Sunday! Got a bunch done so I got to start on a painting :-)

  2. My husband is one motivator..he questions my online fartsing around time! (totally deserved and totally irritating and totally ignored!) Diving into my "stash" is motivating for me. Never enough time. ..and YAY! I am your 100th follower!

  3. PS..your profile sounds a LOT like me!