Monday, March 7, 2011

I live?

Yikes! Well, sortof - ha ha...

Seems as though real life wants me to have nothing to do with the things I enjoy, or at least not more than a few minutes at a time. I shouldn't complain, though, because I do have a full time job that helps pay the bills and buy the occasional fun doodad and tall mocha from Starbucks, and a bit of canvas and paint when I have the time to trek to Hobby Lobby. ;)

I've recently decided that enough is enough, real life! I'm going to get back into making and promoting art, and stick with it. I've been doing a teeny bit of creating - some ACEOs:

and some painting -

I think a little each day will keep me going, and if I can swing it on the weekends, I'll have major promoting and painting sessions. Of course, that'll be between rounds of laundry and cleaning house!


  1. I hope you can get in some creative time. Working full time, and keeping up with life is tough! I used to do that. Good luck, and paint, paint, paint!!!! Oh Jen, that's my car! :P lol

  2. Your love of trees is very apparent!!!

  3. Those are awesome! I love the colors, they're very vibrant!