Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shop Photos - round..... four? five?

Yeesh - I sure hope this fifth or sixth attempt at good photos of my art will be the one that finally works.

I'm also hoping that I can actually find a good spot to do my photos. Outdoors is tricky, especially if I'm photographing ACEOs and there's a sudden gust of wind. HA! Can you imagine me, chasing a little card all over my back yard....

For instance...I'm thinking that the ACEOs, which are almost all photographed like this:

need to be redone against a lighter colored wall. I mean, semi-yay for contrast but not really? :P

So I'm wondering, how many times have you had to photograph and rephotograph your items before you thought "Aha! This is perfect! Magazine cover material!"


  1. Magazine Cover material!!!!! What a laugh! Taking my photo's is the bane of my existence right after a sharp stick in the eye. You would think with a high dollar camera, a professional light box complete with professional lights I could get better pictures..maybe it's the tri-focals?

  2. Its def tough finding good lighting and bgs for high quality pictures. I change mine multiple times sometimes just to get the perfect lighting. I'm glad you are having fun experimenting though!


  3. Every time I think "now that's the best picture for this item" ... 2 weeks later I hate it and try all over again.

  4. I am constantly trying to get the perfect photo. I think I spend way too much time taking the photo and then editing it for something that is just mediocre.

  5. It is very hard for me to get enough lighting to take good pics of my paintings. I usually have to wait until it's very bright outside and take my paintings outside. Good luck :)