Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We went camping tonight.!....

Okay well...sortof but not really?

I made my usual once every three days' trip to the grocery store (with five kids especially like mine, trips to Kroger are almost a daily thing), noticing that as I went to the van the sky was actually cloudy, and the wind was picking up. What?? rain?? for us?? In poor dry horrid humid hot Texas? Well, yep - sure enough, there were storms blowing through... The power was knocked out for a while - about 2 hours.

Thank goodness for a stash of odd candles and a gas stove! I opened all the windows to let the breeze in, lit candles, and cooked dinner in the half-dark for myself and the kids. I was even planning on waking everybody up using my cell phone alarm, but by 9:20 PM or so the power was back. I have to admit I was almost disappointed - yes, I admit I'm a little crazy. ;P

OH... before I forget...

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