Monday, August 16, 2010

I hope I don't break the internet....

I've finally taken the plunge, and I have set up my own website! Of course, there is still lots to be done. I keep coming up with more that I feel like I need to add, or I decide that my font is wrong, or I need to rename a page...

And setting up the website is only half of it! I've realized now that I'm trying to become "official" that I really need to pay attention to details like a Tax ID number, or sales tax. Because - who knows - I might end up having tons of sales one day and I'll need to have that stuff taken care of!

I also have been learning the ins and outs of a Google Merchant account - still have to add some things, but that'll get all set up really quickly.

aaannnd... I've listed a couple of new ACEOs in my Etsy shop:

Floating Garden

and Burst of Spring

I hope you'll come take a look at them and my other works - perhaps you'll find something to add to your collection, or perhaps you'll find a great gift for somebody special!

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