Sunday, March 20, 2011

today has been....

argh. frustrating....

so I'm trying to detoxify my mind...

I need to get in a creative mood, because that usually helps - even doodling one little ACEO might do the trick.

I did this one the other night - had fun with a pen and some colored pencils:

I do have an idea for a large painting in my head but haven't started on it, since it's one that will take a bit of time. I'm thinking later this evening I'll do the background - if I start early enough I might be able to add a bit more after that layer dries.

soooo... I'm turning some music on, getting a glass of water to get myself good and hydrated, pulling out a couple of blank ACEO cards and my art stuff, and chilling out - with one ear and one eye on the house, of course.... :P


  1. There's nothing more therapeutic than doing some casual artwork! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Wow, that's so cute! I had never even heard of ACEOs until I read your blog. Very interesting! Now I want to make some too :D

  3. Feeling the same today. Good idea, putting on U2 and getting to work.