Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've moved some things around, and added this and that...

I'm playing with my template... ha ha bear with me :P

I suddenly decided I didn't like how things looked on my page, so I've started rearranging - I'll figure things out soon, hopefully.

Here on the homefront I'm busy as usual with the kids, work, trying to manage keeping the house at least decent...

I still try to make time for promoting my art, and I've started using tumblr as a promotional tool. I'm not trying to promote too terribly heavily - it's just another method for getting one's works out there and noticed. I like to "reblog" other pieces and share favorites, etc. It's like twitter with lots of pictures! ;)

Speaking of twitter - I've hired a ninjasmonkeyquirrel to do my tweeting for me... I mean.... okay I've discovered a site called Future Tweets that is still in the beta stage, I believe, but really works wonderfully for scheduling tweets while you cannot be at a computer.

If you're like me, and you work full time, you might not have time during the day or you could possibly be blocked from many social networking sites - terrible for promoting, right?

So... I've been experimenting with how well this works and I do see better views of my work so far. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that this will turn into some sales....and perhaps steady sales!

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