Sunday, May 6, 2012

A story In which the Lady wearing Glitter Nail Polish wields A Hammer...

So one day this lady that does artsy type things was asked to take part in a Gallery Opening and Craft Show. After much pondering about this craft show, she realized she needed stuff to hang her artsy type things on so that the good people could see them and maybe want to buy them, since artsy stuff hung up is way better than artsy stuff just lying around.

So... she went to a store that looked kindof like this:

only the one she went to was way more crowded and the parking lot didn't have as many spaces.

and she bought stuff for making things to hang art on.

She bought 3 sheets of pressboard, which is much heavier than she realized when trying to carry more than one sheet at a time, a few packages of narrow hinges, and four strips of one by...2 (she thinks) pine board.

What on earth did she do with that stuff? Oh and it was all brownish and metal-y. No wild outlandish or fun colors. Sorry.

First, she took two of the pieces of pine and nailed them using little tack nails to the rough side of the pressboard.

See, that's a real hammer. And those are real plastic boxes of little nails. She only used one of the boxes, because the other nails were too long. She just kept them in the picture so they wouldn't feel left out.

So the pine strips ended up on both sides of one piece of pressboard.

Then the pine strips were nailed onto the other two pieces, BUT only one one side. Wait what? Why?

Wait, you'll see.

After the pine strips were in place, the artsy lady took the pressboard over to the floor of the living room, because there would be more room than the kitchen table. (even though the kitchen table is obviously the best place to nail things together)

She gathered the things she needed in a fancy tool holder thing,

And got to work attaching hinges to the pine strips.

Now, she had actually put some thought into this part of the thing-making. She attached the hinges so that the smooth side of the pressboard would be what would fold inward. She also attached in sets of three, because three sounded like a cool number. Not because it might be more sturdy or something.

When all the screwdrivering and hammering and putting together was done, a pressboard thing to display art appeared in the artsy lady's living room, right in front of the TV so nobody could watch whatever was on.

And they all painted happily ever after.

The end.


  1. Can't wait to hear the end of the story - how did the Craft Fair for which all this hard work was headed, go?

    Meanwhile, having found you on the Etsy Blogs site, am calling in to invite you to follow me at, as I'm about to do the same for you.

    Good luck for the fair - if it is still to arrive!

    1. well, thank you so much for the kind words and the follow :) unfortunately the lady who was having the opening had to cancel due to circumstances beyond her control, but I hope to get out to the gallery soon to say hello. I'll get to use my display board another time!

  2. Hello from your new follower and teammate at Etsy Forum

    Lovely Blog. Good luck.