Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is it too early for a swim?

I'm sure quite a few of you will answer a resounding "yes!", but the folks at Illustration Friday have other ideas.

This week's theme is "swim", and I've decided to join in with a digital piece I've titled "Lunar Swim".



I encourage you to head over to the Illustration Friday site to check out other artists' contributions!


And while we're daydreaming about water, sun, and paradise, here are some more finds, including one of my original canvas paintings!

I love the colors in this water-themed ACEO by Gatinela, who, incidentally, also makes super cute accessories for cats!

This abstract painting by Christine Bruness of TheBlueHours has such motion!



And last not least is this awesome cuttlefish plushie from WeirdBugLady (who, incidentally is the really cool kind of weird).



I hope you've enjoyed this quick little trip into summer! I'd love to hear about what makes you think of summer and warm happy thoughts!

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